Hanifa, Afghanistan

"I say thank you, because you make us happy, even if you are here for one day. Please do these things for refugees because they need it. People like me, they like things like makeup, but under refugee conditions, it’s not possible to do. My daughter is very sad now. I worry for her condition. Today, she is very happy. You should do this because we need it -- for our mind, our health, everything."

Zohra, Afghanistan

"I feel like when I am wearing makeup, I am feeling so confident about myself.  Personally, I haven't heard about this, providing refugees with makeup and hygiene products. People usually tend to bring food and clothes and water as the basic needs of the human being. But I think when it comes to taking care of yourself, I think hygiene products and makeup, especially for women, it's a necessity as well."

Amina, Rohingya Refugee

"Ever since I left Myanmar, I can't stop thinking about all the bad things that happened to me there.  Toady, I'm not thinking about any of that."

Zoreh, Iran

"Whenever I have makeup on, I feel confident. Today when I was getting my makeup done, I felt like an important person; overall I felt amazing. I really appreciate your work. As women refugees we really appreciate that you are volunteering your time with us. We hope your work expands in the refugee world, and that others will be inspired by your work."

Migrant from

El Salvador

"Makeup makes me feel more confident.  Getting these kinds of donations makes me happy because I had to leave most of my belongings back home in El Salvador."